Newport 2004 Preview

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

Nalini Jones, the artistic director of the 2004 Apple & Eve Newport Folk Festival, was our in-studio guest for the first hour of the show to discuss this year’s edition of the festival. Nalini has been involved in the Newport festivals literally since birth because she is the daughter of Robert Jones, Newport Folk Festival producer since the early 1960s and senior vice president of Festival Productions Inc. Bob became suddenly extremely ill earlier this year with a neurological syndrome and thankfully is expected to recover. Nalini is working with his team to produce this year’s festival.

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • The Mammals, “Fall On My Knees”, Rock That Babe, Signature Sounds


  • Doc Watson, “Sittin’ On Top Of The World”, “Little Sadie”, “Gambler’s Yodel”, Trouble In Mind, Sugar Hill


  • Olabelle, “Before This Time”, “I Am Waiting”, Olabelle, Columbia/DMZ


  • Lucinda Williams, “Venture”, World Without Tears, Lost Highway


  • Ian & Sylvia, “Someday Soon”, Folk Music At Newport/Part 1, Vanguard

  • Cyprien Landreneau Cajun Band, “Danse De Blackberry Briar”, Folk Music At Newport/Part 1, Vanguard

  • Richard & Mimi Farina, “Celebration For A Grey Day”, Folk Music At Newport/Part 1, Vanguard


  • The Mammals, “Reel du Bebe Gate/Hellgate”, “Lay Down Yr Mountain”, “John Henry”, Rock That Babe, Signature Sounds


  • Ellis Paul & Vance Gilbert, “Side Of The Road”, “Citizens Of The World”, “Comes A Time”, Side Of The Road, Philo


  • Teada, “The Trip We Took Over the Mountain”, Give Us A Penny And Let Us Be Gone, Green Linnet