Live In WSHU’s Studio A: Little Toby Walker, James O’Malley and Bob Wescott

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

It’s another invasion from Long Island, live in WSHU’s Studio A! We welcomed bluesman Little Toby Walker and singer/songwriters James O’Malley and Bob Wescott to “Profiles in Folk” for two hours of fine music and conversation. It was another of our shows that put the spotlight on Long Island artists.

For James O’Malley it was a return visit to “Profiles in Folk” to display his artistry. He was with us in December 2003 with another group of Long Islanders. Since then, he’s released a wonderful new CD, “If Only In My Dreams.” You can contact him at

Little Toby Walker is a premier blues artist who was the winner in 2002 of the prestigious International Blues Challenge Award. He, too, has just released a new album, “Live At The Bottleneck”. You can reach him at

Bob Wescott is a marvelous fingerstyle guitarist and singer/songwriter who is something of an icon on the Long Island folk and acoustic music scene. Like James, he’s been making folk music since the late 1960s. His albums include “Rollin’ Along” and the all-instrumental “Wherever You Go”. He can be reached by e-mail

Amy Tuttle, Bob’s wife, also joined us in the studio for part of the discussion. She’s the vice president of the Folk Music Society of Huntington and talked about the society and the Long Island Music Hall of Fame .

Listen to the show

Live In WSHU’s Studio A:

Little Toby Walker: “Devil Beating On His Wife Tonight”
Bob Wescott: “On Bleecker Street”
James O’Malley: “Jimmy & John”
Little Toby Walker: “Son Of A Muleskinner Man”
Bob Wescott: “First Star”
James O’Malley: “The Sun In The Morning”
Little Toby Walker, “Matchbox Blues”, Live At The Bottleneck, Powerhouse Records
Bob Wescott, “Key To My Heart”, Rollin’ Along, Salt ‘N’ Vinegar Records
James O’Malley, “Who’s That Singing”, If Only In My Dreams, Gable Wing Records
Little Toby Walker, “True Religion”
Bob Wescott: “A Train Song”
James O’Malley, “Rigging Song”
Little Toby Walker: “Weak Willed And Easily Led”
Bob Wescott: “I Ain’t Doin’ A Strike Of Work Today”
James O’Malley: “Let’s Get This Show On The Road”