Songs Of The Harvest

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

Here in New England, the leaves are a multitude of vibrant colors and beginning to fall from the trees, the pumpkins, squash and apples are in their fall abundance, the root crops are still being gathered and we’re celebrating the end of this summer’s harvest on Profiles in Folk. It’s our version of a Harvest Home Festival and the focus this year is not only on the eternal cycle of nature but also a celebration of the American farm, a tribute to ploughmen and an ending with two quirky compositions about tomatoes.

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • Bruce MacIntyre & Jeff Warner, “Lady Of Autumn”, Songs Of The Seasons, NHSCA

  • The Jones Family, “Country Life”, Unquiet, Shambling Gate

  • Martin Hayes, “Bill Malley’s Barndance/Kilamona Barndance”, Under The Moon, Green Linnet

  • Ed Trickett, “The January Man”, Gently Down The Stream Of Time, Folk-Legacy


  • The Young Tradition, “The Season Round”, The Young Tradition, Castle

  • Margaret Christl & Ian Robb, “The Barley Grain For Me”, The Barley Grain For Me, Folk-Legacy

  • Pete Wood, “The Pleasant Ballad of John Barleycorn”, This Label Is Not Removable, Free Reed

  • Herdman Hills & Mangsen, “Goodbye To The Roses”, At The Turning Of The Year, Hand & Heart


  • Big Twang, “Pastures Of Plenty”, Pastures of Plenty, Big Twang

  • Kate Campbell, “Visions Of Plenty”, The Portable Kate Campbell, Compadre

  • Peter Ostroushko, “Heart Of The Heartland”, Heart Of The Heartland, Red House


  • Jay Ungar & Molly Mason, “The Farmer’s Set”, Harvest Home, Angel

  • Glenn Yarbrough, “Far Side Of The Hill”, A Celebration of the American Farm, Almanac Recordings

  • John Cowan, “I Am Home”, A Celebration of the American Farm, Almanac Recordings

  • Tim O’Brien, “This Old Plow”, A Celebration of the American Farm, Almanac Recordings

  • Jay Ungar & Molly Mason, “Haymaker’s Hoedown”, Harvest Home Angel,


  • Don Shepherd, “The Ploughman”, Adnams Ale, Sweet Folk & Country

  • Archie Fisher, “The Rovin’ Ploughman”, Will Ye Gang Love, Topic

  • Tannahill Weavers, “The Plooman Laddies/John Murray Of Lochee”, Capernaum, Green Linnet


  • Guy Clark, “Homegrown Tomatoes”, Craftsman, Philo

  • Kate Campbell, “Jesus & Tomatoes”, Sing Me Out, Compadre