As Winter Approaches

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

As the colder temperatures of late fall and the impending winter blow into New England this week, here is a batch of relatively new CD releases that feature some old roasted chestnuts and a few new treats to keep out listeners warm.

Jeff Warner and William Coulter and Benjamin Verdery will be offering concerts in our region this weekend. Jack Hardy has made two appearances in the area within the few weeks.

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • Robin & Linda Williams, “I’ll Remember You Love In My Prayers/Liza Jones/The Old Stillhouse”, Deeper Waters, Red House


  • Bill Staines, “Rompin’ Rovin’ Days”, “Bound For The Promised Lands”, “Pretty Saro”, Journey Home, Red House


  • Tim Grimm, “Barbara Allen”, “Annabelle”, “Lady Maisry”, Names, Wind River


  • Jack Hardy, “Coin Of The Realm”, “Cain And Abel”, “Yellow Dress”, Coin Of The Realm, Great Divide


  • Jeff Warner & Bruce McIntyre, “Lady Of Autumn”, Songs Of The Seasons, NHSCA

  • Jeff Warner, “River Driving”, “Come Love Come”, “When The Shanty Boy Comes Down”, Jeff Warner Demo,

  • Jeff Warner & Bruce McIntyre, “Bonny Bay Of Biscay-O”, Songs Of The Seasons, NHSCA


  • Robin & Linda Williams, “Whippoorwill”, “Leaving This Land”, “Lost Little Children”, Deeper Waters, Red House


  • William Coulter, “Bill Malley’s Barndance”, “Rain Into Snow”, The Road Home, Gourd Music

  • William Coulter & Benjamin Verdery, “The Women Of Ireland”, “Eleanor Plunkett”, The Crooked Road, Gourd Music

  • William Coulter, “The Road Home”, The Road Home, Gourd Music