The St. Patrick’s Day Festivities Continue

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

It may be the day after St. Patrick’s Day but we were still celebrating with an all-Celtic show. For a great part of the evening the spotlight shone brightly on a marvelous work of musical art from Jennifer Cutting, who Profiles listeners may remember from her work a decade ago as leader of New St. George, a splendid folk-rock band.

Cutting spent seven years and five transatlantic voyages recording artists such as Maddy Prior, Peter Knight, Gabriel Yacoub, Troy Donockley and Dave Mattucks for this epic work entitled “Ocean: Songs For The Night Sea Journey”. There’s also quite an equally well-known supporting cast from the U.S. The work is described as Cutting’s “collage of sea-inspired pieces exploring the rich symbolism of water and its theme of transition, transformation and ‘The Hero’s Journey’ in mythology and traditional music”.

We programmed nearly the entire album during two parts of “Profiles” to showcase this unique work, which only six weeks ago won five top awards (Wammies) from the Washington Area Music Society. T

he night began with a return of some old chestnuts on the theme of Irish immigration and ended with the ethereal fiddling of Hanneke Cassel from her new album.

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • Grada, “Anto’s Gambit”, Endeavor, Compass


  • Planxty, “Thousands Are Sailing”, Thousands Are Sailing, Shanachie

  • De Dannan with Dolores Keane, “Rambling Irishman”, Thousands Are Sailing, Shanachie

  • Boys Of The Lough, “Farewell And Remember Me”, Thousands Are Sailing, Shanachie

  • Planxty, “Green Fields Of America”, Thousands Are Sailing, Shanachie

  • Voice Squad, “A Stor Mo Chroi (Darling Of My Heart)”, Thousands Are Sailing, Shanachie


  • Jennifer Cutting & The Ocean Orchestra, “Call Of The Siren”, “Out On The Ocean/Rolling Waves”, “The Gladdest Breeze”, “My Grief On The Sea”, “Dissolving/King Neptune”, Ocean: Songs For The Night Sea Journey, SunSign Records


  • Jennifer Cutting & The Ocean Orchestra, “The Sands Of Time”, “Sleep (On The Deep)”, “Song For The Night Sea Journey”, “Forgiveness”, “Neptune Reel/Woman Of The House” Ocean: Songs For The Night Sea Journey, SunSign Records