Lys Guillorn: Live In WSHU’s Studio A

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

We were joined for the first hour by singer-songwriter Lys Guillorn of Connecticut, who’s creating quite a buzz at venues in the region and is a songwriter to watch in the future. Ryan Blessey accompanied her.

Lys is a purveyor of a music that’s not easy to define, drawing on many influences from rock, folk, alt-country and psychedelia (she describes it at times as “avante-psych-twang/clinical blues?”). But her songwriting is what really stands out and it’s showcased nicely on her self-titled debut album. She can be reached at We spent the hour discussing her musical influences, her incipient career and her songwriting.

In contrast, the second hour featured recorded works by long established master performers who will be performing in our broadcast area this weekend, namely Tom Paxton, the Canadian trio Finest Kind and Richard Shindell.

Lys Guillorn
Ryan Blessey

Lys Guillorn Live in WSHU’s Studio A

Listen to the show

“Steel Pier”
CD: “Legendary Cowboys”, Lys Guillorn, Little Cowgirl Records
“How Many, How Fast”
“Fine Tooth Comb”
CD: “Little Wren”, Lys Guillorn, Little Cowgirl Records
“Winged Victory”

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • Tom Paxton, “Yuppies In The Sky”, “One Million Lawyers”, “Where I’m Bound”, “Marvelous Toy”

  • Last Thing On My Mind”, Live From Mountain Stage, Blue Plate Music,


  • Finest Kind, “The Banks Of Sweet Primroses”, Lost In A Song, Fallen Angle Music

  • Finest Kind, “As I Roved Out”, Silks & Spices, Fallen Angle Music

  • Finest Kind, “The Night Pat Murphy Died”, Lost In A Song, Fallen Angle Music

  • Finest Kind, “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?”, Silks & Spices, Fallen Angle Music

  • Jiig, “The Rose Of Allandale/Swannanoa”, Jiig, Fallen Angle Music


  • Richard Shindell, “The Last Fare Of The Day”, “Cancion Sencilla”, Vuelta, Koch