Moving From Brittany to England

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

This is a show that starts off in Brittany, France with a big helping of Celtic music and then musically makes its way across the English Channel to England via The House Band and finishes with a lengthy in memoriam set for Cyril Tawney, the English singer and songwriter who died on April 21 at age 74 after a lengthy illness. Tawney played a key role in the English folksong revival and was one of the first revivalists to write his own material. Among his well known compositions are “Sammy’s Bar”, “Grey Funnel Line", “Sally Free And Easy” and Chicken On A Raft”.

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • Bagad Men A Tan & Henri Texier, “Le Cimetiere des Bateaux”, Bretagne, Wagram Records

  • Gwenda, “Glen River”, Bretagne, Wagram Records

  • Annie Ebrel/Gilles Le Bigot/Davy Spillane, “Ar Galon Diggor”, Bretagne, Wagram Records


  • Ortolon, “Sandansko Horo”, Fest Vraz, Keltia Musique

  • Dan Ar Braz, “Ballad For Jenny”, Fest Vraz, Keltia Musique

  • Storvan, “Hanter Dro”, Fest Vraz, Keltia Musique

  • Cabestan, “Tempete Pour Sortir”, Fest Vraz, Keltia Musique

  • Gilles Servat & Triskell, “Eleanor”, Fest Vraz, Keltia Musique


  • Alan Stivell, “Marv Pontkalleg”, Renaissance Of The Celtic Harp, Fontana

  • Alan Stivell, “Eliz Iza”, Renaissance Of The Celtic Harp, Fontana


  • House Band, “An Erminig Hag Ar Greskenn/The Anti-Social Worker”, “For The Sake Of Example”, “Major Harrison’s Fedora”, Ground Work, Green Linnet


  • Cyril Tawney, “Sally Free And Easy”, New Electric Muse II, Castle

  • Cyril Tawney, “The Broken Token”, Voices, Musica Pangaea

  • The Silly Sisters, “The Grey Funnel Line”, Troubadours Of British Folk/Vol. 3, Rhino

  • The New Golden Ring, “Sammy’s Bar”, Five Days Singing/Vol. II, Folk-Legacy

  • Ian Robb, “Chicken On A Raft”, Jiig, Fallen Angle Music