A Mix Of Music

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

This show’s a mix of music that focuses on performers who will be in our region this week (Jerry O’Sullivan, David Francey, Richard Shindell and Lucy Kaplansky) and some recent releases from Hanneke Cassel, Cherish The Ladies and Malinky to make for about 75 minutes of more or less Celtic programming before we move into singer-songwriter material.

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • Jerry O’Sullivan, “Gavottes/Bourees/Gigue”, The Gift, Shanachie


  • Hanneke Cassel, “Mothers Of The Disappeared/The Even Star”, “Pigeon On The Gate/Mrs. Jayscream”, “Come Thou Font Of Every Blessing”, Some Melodious Sonnet, Independent


  • Cherish The Ladies & Kate Rusby, “Bogie’s Bonnie Belle”, Woman Of The House, Rounder

  • Cherish The Ladies, “Woman Of the House Medley”, Woman Of The House, Rounder


  • Jerry O’Sullivan, “Denis Murphy Medley”, “Wendel’s Wedding”, “Mike In The Wilderness”, The Gift

  • Shanachie, , ,


  • Malinky, “Hughie The Graham”, “Scotia Set”, “Flowers Of Saskatchewan (with David Francey)”, The Unseen Hours, Greentrax


  • David Francey, “The Waking Hour”, “Fourth Of July”, “Badlands”, The Waking Hour, Red House


  • Richard Shindell, “Are You Happy Now?”, Scenes From A Blue Divide, Shanachie

  • Richard Shindell, “The Last Fare Of The Day”, Vuelta, Koch

  • Lucy Kaplansky, “The Heart”, “Secret Journey”, The Tide, Red House