A Night Of Music Live In WSHU's Studio A

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

A dynamite night of music, all of it live in WSHU's Studio A.

For the first hour we welcomed back to "Profiles in Folk" our old friend Eric Garrison - singer-songwriter, music producer, storyteller, teacher and proprietor of the Carriage Barn concerts in nearby New Canaan.

The second hour (and then some) featured another return visit from Marc Douglas Berardo, accompanied by Prof. Dick Neal. Marc was spotlighting his new album, "Harbor." He brought with him singer-songwriter Charlotte Kendrick, accompanied by Dan Rowe.

It was fascinating night of conversation and music and plugged into upcoming performances in our broadcast area for all the performers.

Listen to the live portion of the show

Eric Garrison Live in WSHU's Studio A

"Are You My Angel?"
"Stop In the Name Of Love"
"Bob Dylan's Dream"

Marc Douglas Berardo & Charlotte Kendrick Live in WSHU's Studio A

Marc Douglas Berardo: "Blue Wave"
Marc Douglas Berardo: "Shake Out The Dust"
Charlotte Kendrick: "Caroline"
Marc Douglas Berardo: "Harbor"
Charlotte Kendrick: "Off The Tracks"
Marc Douglas Berardo: "Everybody's Talking"
Charlotte Kendrick: "Icicles"
Marc Douglas Berardo: "Where The Road Turns To Shell And Sand"
Charlotte Kendrick: "Thank You"

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