Essentially English

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

Here’s an entire night devoted to performers from England — old and new, famous and waiting in the wings to be discovered. A good part of first hour is devoted to a thumbnail sketch of Ashley Hutchings and the progressive stages of his Albion Country Band. And, of course, you can’t program a show of British folk music without a generous nod to England’s First Family of Folk: Martin Carthy, Norma Waterson and daughter Eliza Carthy. Fine music.

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label P>
  • Random, “Jacob/Jamaica Medley”, Deviation, Wild Goose


  • Albion Country Band, “Albion Sunrise”, “Morris Medley”, Battle Of The Field, BGO Records

  • The Ashley Hutchings All-Stars, “Angelina”, The Guv’nor, Wild Cat!

  • The Albion Band, “Didn’t He Ramble”, The Guv’nor, Wild Cat!


  • The Albion Band, “Don’t Let Me Come Home A Stranger”, Demi Paradise, HTD

  • The Albion Band, “B4391/I-95”, “He Ran Out Of Road”, Road Movies, Topic


  • Wizz Jones, “Mountain Rain”, “Roving Cowboy”, Lucky The Man, Scenescot


  • Martin Carthy, “Seven Yellow Gypsies”, A Collection, Topic

  • Norma Waterson, “Black Muddy River”, Norma Waterson, Topic

  • Eliza Carthy, “Worcester City”, “Dr MCMBE”, Anglicana, Topic

  • Waterson:Carthy, “The Bay Of Biscay”, Broken Ground, Topic


  • John Tams, “American Dream (Girl In Texas)”, “Harry Stone”, Unity, Topic

  • Random, “Time Will End”, Deviation, Wild Goose West, Red House