A Night Of Bluegrass and Country-fueled Music

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

This was a night of mostly new releases, with one older album and a private recording thrown in for good measure. The program was strong on bluegrass and Southwest-influenced country from Tom Russell and friends.

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • Bryan Sutton with Dan Crary, “Forked Deer”, Not Too Far From The Tree, Sugar Hill


  • Acoustic Endeavors, “Hills Of Home”, “Never Go Through This Again”, “I Could Leave Here”, “Young William”, “It Can’t Be Right”


  • Tom Russell, “The Death Of Jimmy Martin”, private recording, permission granted

  • Tom Russell, “The Sound Of One Heart Breaking”, “Ash Wednesday”, Love & Fear, Hightone


  • Claire Lynch, “Be Ready To Sail”, “Love Will Find You Again”, “I Believe In Forever”, “Leavin’ On That Evening Train”, New Day


  • Tom Russell, “Stolen Children”, “It Goes Away”, Love & Fear, Hightone


  • Dave Alvin, “On My Way Downtown”, A Case For Case, Hungry For Music

  • Katy Moffett, “This Heart Stops For Railroad Crosses”, “Walkin’ On The Moon”, Up Close & Personal, Fuel Records

  • Andrew Hardin with Tom Russell, “Variaciones Cortas #1”, Blue Acoustic, Andrew Hardin Records

  • Andrew Hardin with Dave Alvin, “Mexicali Chinatown”, Blue Acoustic, Andrew Hardin Records


  • Kieran Kane & Kevin Welch with Fats Kaplin, “Til I’m Too Old To Die Young”, “Cecil’s Lament”, “A Prayer Like Any Other”, You Can’t Save Everybody, Compass


  • Bryan Sutton with Doc Watson, “Whiskey Before Breakfast”, Not Too Far From The Tree, Sugar Hill

  • Bryan Sutton with Tony Rice, “Dusty Miller”, Not Too Far From The Tree, Sugar HillWest, Red House