Music From Both Sides of the Big Pond

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

This show divides two ways: The first hour was devoted to artists from this side of the Atlantic Ocean, with a nod to Earth Day and a spotlight on Mustard’s Retreat and the Bluegrass Gospel Project, both of whom have major concerts in this region. The second hopped the Atlantic to England to feature singer-songwriter Pete Morton’s latest album and more traditional music from the father-son tandem of British folk treasure John Kirkpatrick and son Benji Kirkpatrick.

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • Dan Bonis with Terence Martin, “Augustine Creek”, Delivering The Cake, Independent


  • Mustard’s Retreat, “When The Moon Howls And The Wolves Are Still”, “Harvest Moon”, “Comes A Moment”, “(Ours Is) A Simple Faith”, MR7


  • Earth Day, , ,

  • Dan Berggren, “Power from Above”, “Fix It Or Stop Complaining”, Fresh Territory, Sleeping Giant

  • Lara Herscovitch, “Ddembe”, Juror Number 13, La Rama

  • Lui Collins, “Spring!”, “Red Red Robin”, “Step Into The Water”, Closer, Waterbug


  • The Bluegrass Gospel Project. “I’m Not Finished With You Yet”, “The Lights Of Home”, “Angel Band”, Wander On, Vital Records


  • Pete Morton, “The Shores Of Italy”, “The Busker’s Song”, “I’m In Love With Emily Dickinson”, “Another Train”, Flying An Unknown Flag


  • John Kirkpatrick, “Glorishears”, A Short History Of John Kirkpatrick, Topic

  • Benji Kirkpatrick, “A Bed Between Friends/Urge To Caper”, “The Gypsy Laddie”, Half A Fruit Pie, Fellside

  • John Kirkpatrick & Sue Harris, “Underneath Her Apron”, A Short History Of John Kirkpatrick, Topic

  • John Kirkpatrick, “The Buffoon/The Fool’s Jig”, A Short History Of John Kirkpatrick, Topic

  • Benji Kirkpatrick, “The Holland Handkerchief”, Half A Fruit Pie, FellsideWest, Red House