Mostly New Releases

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

If there’s a theme for this program it’s that the selections are culled almost entirely from recent releases (with only one exception). The music’s varied, but the bluegrass spotlight falls largely on two groups from the region — James Reams & The Barons of Bluegrass from New York City and Marjorie Kelting and Ronnie Feinberg from across the “little pond” on Long Island.

One set carried over a thread from our last program celebrating the July 4th birthday of America. That’s the set that features what I like to term “a sense of place” and, in this particular set, a specific sense of place.

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • Jason Burleson, “Home Sweet Home”, Cuppa ’Jo/Huber Banjo Sessions 2, Huber Records


  • Steve Gillette & Cindy Mangsen, “Hurricane”, “High Cotton”, “Mr. O’Reilly”, “Nola”, Being There, Compass Rose Music


  • John Gorka, “Writing In the Margins”, “Road Of Good Intentions”, “The Lockkeeper”, Writing In The Margins, Red House


  • Peter Ostroushko, “Dayton Cakewalk Delight”, Postcards, Red House

  • Brad Colerick, “Cottonwood”, Cottonwood, Back 9 Records

  • Rachel Ries, “Valentine, NE”, For You Only, Waterbug

  • Wiggins Sisters, “Minnesota”, Minnesota, independent

  • Abi Tapia, “Iowa”, One Foot Out The Door, independent

  • Peter Ostroushko, “Tecumseh”, Postcards, Red House


  • James Reams/Walter Hensley & The Barons of Bluegrass, “Kentucky Mountain”, “We’re The Kind Of People That Make The Jukebox Play”, “Where No Heart Goes Hungry”, “Road To Columbus”, Wild Card, Mountain Redbird Music


  • Marjorie Kelting/Ronnie Feinberg, “Adirondack Rail”, “Back Home Where You Belong”, “Gurdlin’ The Cane”, Adirondack Rail, independent


  • The Wailin’ Jennys, “Prairie Town”, Firecracker, Red HouseWest, Red House