A Spotlight On Visiting Musicians

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

This was a night of diverse folk and acoustic music, almost all from fine artists who will be appearing at venues in our broadcast area during the next week and a new CD from the Buck Mountain Band.

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • Bryan Sutton & Jerry Douglas, “Bonaparte’s Retreat”, Not Too Far >From The Tree, Sugar Hill


  • Buck Mountain Band, “Pig Ankle Rag”, “Moon Behind The Hills”, “Walking In My Sleep”, “Lorena”, Moon Behind The Hills


  • Beppe Gambetta, “I’m Worried Now/Texas Gales/Doc’s Guitar”, “Hills Of Tara”, “Dixie Breakdown”, Slade Stomp, Gadfly


  • Beppe Gambetta, “On The Road With Mama”, “Long Journey Home”, “Risky Bizz”, The Men Of Steel, Thunderation Music


  • Karan Casey, “Shamrock Shore”, Thousands Are Sailing, Shanachie

  • Karan Casey, “She Is Like the Swallow”, Holding Up Half The Sky, Shanachie

  • Karan Casey with Solas, “The Main On the Shore”, Celtic Tides, Putumayo

  • Karan Casey with Solas, “The Unquiet Grave”, Celtic Love Songs, Shanachie


  • The Sevens, “Anderson’s/The Glass Of Beer/The Humours Of Westport”, “Brothers In Arms”, Valiant, New Grange


  • The Roches, “Jesus Shaves”, “Gung Ho”, “Instead I Chose”, Moonswept, 429 Records