A Show of Disparate Presentations

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

This is really four separate shows, each of which illustrates the diversity of folk and acoustic music, which is what Profiles in Folk is all about.

Part I: Notes of protest from Bob Dylan

My son forwarded me a lengthy critique from a London writer of the ubiquitous Bob Dylan’s latest tour of England where the master songwriter is reported to be in his best voice in years and has incorporated more than the occasional protest song in his set lists. Notes the writer, “Bob Dylan tore through his set here last night with a fire and spirit that matched anything from his iconic heyday and gave the lie, once again, to the tired charge that he has abandoned songs of dissent against the evils of our time.” Reading that, I reprised three classic Dylan works from more than 40 years ago.

Part II: In Memoriam — Howard Larman

Howard Larman, who with his wife Roz created and hosted the famed “FolkScene” radio show that has been airing in Los Angeles since 1970, died on April 21 of complications related to a car accident last June. He was 73. The Larmans’ show was renowned for its visits from folk artists passing through LA. Several of the in-studio performances have been collected on three separate “FolkScene” albums issued by Red House Records.

Part III: Banjo Monologues

Joel Mabus, whose music I’ve been programming since coming across one of his old Flying Fish long-playing vinyl albums in a shop decades ago, has just released a work of art called “Banjo Monologues” (his own Fossil Records). It’s just what the title denotes and it’s a delightful and educational journey.

Part IV: Chatham County Line

This wonderful bluegrass band from Raleigh, North Carolina finds its way to New Haven Sunday night for a return visit.

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • Bob Dylan, “Masters Of War”, No Direction Home, Columbia

  • Bob Dylan, “Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll”, The Times They Are A-Changin’, Columbia

  • Bob Dylan, “It’s Alright Ma”, Live 1964, Columbia


  • Richard Thompson, “Waltzing’s For Dreamers”, The FolkScene Collection/Vol. 1, Red House

  • John Gorka, “The Lock Keeper”, The FolkScene Collection/Vol. 1, Red House

  • Tom Russell, “California Snow”, The FolkScene Collection/Vol. 2, Red House

  • Nanci Griffith, “Love At The Five And Dime”, The FolkScene Collection/Vol. 2, Red House

  • Kate Wolf, “Clearing In The Forest”, The FolkScene Collection/Vol. 3, Red House

  • Joel Rafael, “Way Over Yonder In The Minor Key”, The FolkScene Collection/Vol. 3, Red House


  • Joel Mabus, “Forward Looking Back”, “The Dragonfly”, “Cindy/Gerald & Jerald Lee”, “Three Nights Drunk”, “Cripple Creek/The Desert Island”, The Banjo Monologues


  • Chatham County Line, “Speed Of The Whippoorwill”, “Confederate Soldier”, Speed Of The Whippoorwill”, Yep Roc

  • Chatham County Line, “Legend Of Old 99”, “There’s A Light”, Chatham County Line, Bonfire