First broadcast November 16, 2007

It’s All In The Family

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

Fortunately, there are plenty of family members in the world of folk music that perform together or lend a helping instrument or voice on a relative's album. Here are just a few — spouses, fathers and daughters, and a mother and her son and daughter. There are plenty of fathers and sons in the field, but I skipped them for this show! Most the albums are newly released.

Here’s a handy breakdown: The spouses are Keith Murphy/Becky Tracy and Neal (Hagberg) & Leandra (Peak). The fathers and daughters are Rodney and Elvie Miller, Jack and Molly Tuttle, Phil Rosenthal and Naomi Sommers and Levon and Amy Helm. Linda Thompson is joined by her son Teddy and daughter Kamila.

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • Keith Murphy with Becky Tracy, “Clamanda/Farewell To The Taliban”, “Buonaparte”, Bound For Canaan, Black Isle Music

  • Becky Tracy with Keith Murphy, “Finistere Medley”, Evergreen, Black Isle Music


  • Rodney Miller & Elvie Miller, “Mary Ann Blades”, “Road To Loch Tay”, “Soelvi’s Song/Serpentine”, “Journey To The Point”, Spyglass Waltzes, Brimstone Corner Records


  • Linda Thompson with Teddy & Kamila Thompson, “Stay Bright”, “The Way I Love You”, “Blue And Gold”, “Give Me A Sad Song”, Versatile Heart, Rounder


  • Jack Tuttle & Molly Tuttle, “June Apple”, “Rain And Snow”, “The Old Apple Tree”, “Airmail Special On The Fly”, The Old Apple Tree, Back Studio Records


  • Gray Sky Girls with Phil Rosenthal, “Hard To Love You”, “Golden Slippers”, Gray Sky Girls, American Melody


  • Levon Helm with Amy Helm, “Poor Old Dirt Farmer”, “Little Birds”, “Anna Lee”, Dirt Farmer, Vanguard


  • Neal & Leandra, “Complications Of A Broken Heart”, “The Eyes Of Your Family”, Dancing With A Ghost, Uncle Gus Music