New Releases To Start The New Year

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

It’s a New Year. After having welcomed it in with last week’s show, it was a good way to plunge into it with selections from (relatively) fine new releases (excepting the Sam Bush opener) that we didn’t get to in the Old Year (or didn’t play enough of)!

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  • Sam Bush, “Bananas”, King Of My World, Sugar Hill


  • Robert Earl Keen, “For Love”, BEST, Koch Records

  • Two Man Gentlemen Band, “The War Of Northern Aggression”, Great Calamities, Independent

  • Tom Russell, “Who’s Gonna Build Your Wall?”, The Wounded Heart Of America, HighTone


  • Eliza Gilkyson, “Tennessee Road”, “Requiem”, “Bare Necessities”, Your Town Tonight, Red House


  • Ragged But Right, “A Mother’s Last Words To Her Daughter”, “A Nose Full Of Nickels”, “Pretty

  • Polly/Gunslinger”, Harmony Road, Down Harmony Road, Merriweather Records


  • Jimmy LaFave, “Catch The Wind”, “Not Dark Yet”, “These Blues”, Cimarron Manifesto”, Red House


  • Alice (Gerrard)/Gail (Gillespie)/Sharon (Sandomirsky), “Molly And The Traveling Man”, “Greasy Meat”, “Bob

  • Taylor’s March”, “June Apple”, “Agate Hill”, The Road To Agate Hill, 5-String Productions