Memorial Day Observed

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

Sadly, we reiterate what we wrote last year: With the United States still mired in a controversial military conflict in Iraq and one less so in Afghanistan, it’s more important at this point than at any other since the Vietnam War to mark an honorable and respectful observance of Memorial Day, which is officially observed on Monday. This program honors all those military personnel who gave their lives in service to this nation and on behalf of the truly unique rights and freedoms that we enjoy as Americans.

In recent years we have placed the focus almost entirely on the Civil War and we continue that focus with this program. It was in the aftermath of the Civil War — the deadliest conflict in American history with over 500,000 dead — that this holiday, first known as Decoration Day, had its roots. Folk musicians, similar to historians, through the decades since the Civil War continue to be intrigued with this bloody conflict’s music, songs and stories.

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • Tad Marks, “The March To Gettysburg”, Our Crazy Love Affair, Crop Circle

  • Michael Troy, “”Last Day In May”, Whispers In The Wind, Independent


  • Sparky & Rhonda Rucker, “Dixie’s Land”, The Blue And Grey In Black And White, Flying Fish

  • Eric Taylor et al, “Rally ’Round The Flag”, Hollywood Pocketknife, Blue Ruby

  • Randy Kohrs, “Two Boys From Kentucky”, Old Photographs, Rural Rhythm


  • Andrew McKnight, “The Road To Appomattox”, Turning Pages, Falling Mountain Music

  • Dixie Bee-Liners, “Dixie Grey To Black”, “Grumble Jones”, Ripe, Pinecastle


  • Richard Shindell, “Arrowhead”, Blue Divide, Shanachie

  • Jack Hardy, “The 111th Pennsylvane”, Civil Wars, Great Divide


  • David Davis & The Warrior River Boys, “Chancellorsville”, Troubled Times, Rebel

  • Jed Marum, “One Bloody Friday”, Cross Over The River, Boston Road

  • Jeff Davis, “Libby Prison”, Some Fabulous Yonder, Independent

  • Guy Clark, “Soldier’s Joy 1864”, The Dark, Sugar Hill


  • Jay Ungar & Molly Mason, “Hits Of The ’60s”, “President Lincoln’s Hornpipe/Devil’s Dream”, Live At Gettysburg College, Fiddle & Dance Records


  • Carol Noonan, “Brothers In Arms”, Somebody’s Darling, Independent

  • John Gorka, “Let Them In”, The Company You Keep, Red House

  • Harvey Reid, “The Unknown Soldier”, Dreamer Or Believer, Woodpecker