For Dear Old Dad

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

As Father’s Day approaches at the end of the weekend, this is our annual salute to “Dear Old Dad.” Special attention was paid to a “Fathers and Sons and Daughters” set, including recent albums from Molly and Jack Tuttle from the West Coast and Rodney and Elvie Miller here on the East Coast.

I opened the show with a half hour of splendid string band music from two brand new standout albums from The Infamous Stringdusters and Crooked Still.

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • The Infamous Stringdusters, “Glass Elevator”, “Won’t Be Coming Back”, “Black Rock”, The Infamous Stringdusters, Sugar Hill


  • Crooked Still, “Undone In Sorrow”, “Oh Agamemnon”, “Baby What’s Wrong With You?”, Still Crooked, Signature Sounds


  • Dick Gaughan, “The Father’s Song”, A Different Kind Of Love, Appleseed

  • David Mallett, “Fifty Years”, “My Old Man”, Parallel Lives, Flying Fish

  • Joel Mabus, “Cindy/Gerald and Jerald Lee”, The Banjo Monologues, Fossil


  • The Del McCoury Band, “Love Is A Long Road”, The Cold Hard Facts, Rounder

  • Molly & Jack Tuttle, “Rain And Snow”, The Old Apple Tree, Back Studio Records

  • Rodney & Elvie Miller, “Spyglass”, “Brimstone Corner/Gillian Waltz”, Spyglass—Waltzes, Brimstone Corner

  • Molly & Jack Tuttle, “Little Maggie”, The Old Apple Tree, Back Studio Records

  • The Del McCoury Band, “1952 Vincent Black Lightning”, Del & The Boys, Ceili Music


  • Terence Martin, “Independence Day”, Division Street, Dogtown Music

  • Tom Russell, “Patrick Russell”, “Throwin’ Horseshoes At The Moon”, The Man From God Knows Where, HighTone

  • John Gorka, “Semper Fi”, Jack’s Crows, High Street