New Releases: Both Sides of the Atlantic

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

With the exception of one album from the McKassons, this is a summer bouquet of beautiful new releases for our listeners that features music from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. The first hour-plus highlighted four highly-recommended new releases from the American side, while the second hour concentrated on music of Scotland, much of it enjoyable old wine in new bottles, including a long-awaited release from the legendary Archie Fisher.

For the Gordons’ set, I chose two songs with funereal themes with a hymn in the middle in remembrance of folk-related artists who died in recent months, including Erik Darling, Artie Traum, Connecticut’s Matt Nozzolio, Janet Boyer of Missouri, English singer/songwriter Al Jones, Bo Diddley, photographer David Gahr, former Sing Out! Editor Bob Norman, Chris Gaffney, Bill Bolick of the Blue Sky Boys and, of course, Bruce Phillips, whom we memorialized in May with an entire show.

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • Tad Marks, “Callin’ In The Dogs”, Callin’ In The Dogs, Crop Circle Records


  • Joan Baez, “God Is God”, “Henry Russell’s Last Words”, “The Lower Road”, “Requiem”, Day After Tomorrow, Razor & Tie


  • Eliza Gilkyson, “Wildewood Spring”, “The Party’s Over”, “Great Correction”, “Rare Bird”, Beautiful World, Red House


  • The Gordons, “All My Tears”, “Give Me Water Lord”, “Lincoln’s Funeral Train”, Our Time, Inside-Out Records


  • The McKassons, “Harry Bradshaw/The Torrent/Take My Heart”, Tall Tales, Kalos


  • Archie Fisher, “Bonnie Border Lass”, “Shepherd On The Hill”, “The Final Trawl”, “Star Of Belle Isle”, “Ashfields And Brine”, Windward Away, Red House


  • Tannas, “The Language Of The Gaels”, Scottish Folk At Its Best, Arc

  • Old Blind Dogs, “Johnny O’Braidislee”, Scottish Folk At Its Best, Arc

  • The Hudson Swan Band, “Peerie’s Air”, Scottish Folk At Its Best, Arc