A Late Summer Bouquet

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

It’s the start of the Labor Day weekend and the show offers a late summer bouquet of sounds from bluegrass, a jam band and several singer/songwriters, including sets from Tom Pacheco, Lara Herscovitch, Donna the Buffalo and Cliff Eberhardt, all of whom are part of this year’s Connecticut Folk Festival in New Haven.

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • Buddy Greene, “Darlin’ Cory”, “Wheel Hoss”, Happy Man, Rufus Music Co.


  • Kenny & Amanda Smith Band, “Randall Collins”, Prime Cuts of Bluegrass/Vol. 94, KBC

  • Tim O’Brien, “Red Dog In The Morning”, Prime Cuts of Bluegrass/Vol. 94, KBC

  • The Franz Family, “Wherever You Are”, Prime Cuts of Bluegrass/Vol. 94, KBC

  • The Hagar’s Mountain Boys, “A Better Way”, Prime Cuts of Bluegrass/Vol. 94, KBC


  • Tom Pacheco, “What Happened To the America I Used To Know”, “There Was A Time”, The Best Of…, Frog’s Claw

  • Tom Pacheco, “The Man From Illinois”, “This Grand Old Land”, The Man >From Illinois, Frog’s Claw


  • Lara Herscovitch, “Se Puede”, “Ddembe”, Juror Number 13”, La Rama Records


  • Donna The Buffalo, “Locket And Key”, “Beauty Within”, “Temporary Misery”, “Silverlined”, Silverlined, Sugar Hill


  • Tom Pacheco, “Woody & Jack”, “Memorial Day”, “Trust Your Heart Always”, The Best Of…, Frog’s Claw


  • Cliff Eberhardt, “Ever Since I Lost Your Love”, The Postcrypt, Prime CD

  • Cliff Eberhardt, “It’s Everywhere I Go”, The High Above And The Down Below, Red House

  • Cliff Eberhardt, “This Old World”, 12 Songs Of Good And Evil, Red House


  • Floorplay, “Reunion/The Bridge”, Acoustic Radio Sampler/Vol. VIII #12, Oasis Acoustic