Songs of the Harvest

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

Here in southern New England, fall’s treating us a display of vibrant colors and chilly night. The leaves are beginning to float from their branches to the ground. The pumpkins and squash and apples and pears are in their fall abundance. However, most of the farm crops have been harvested and we’re celebrating the end of the summer’s harvest on Profiles in Folk. It’s our version of an old-fashioned Harvest Home celebration and a reminder of the eternal cycle of nature and the agrarian ritual.

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • Jeff Warner & Bruce McIntyre, “Lady Of Autumn”, Songs Of the Seasons, NHSCA

  • The Watersons, “Country Life”, For Pence And Spicy Ale, Topic

  • Martin Hayes, “Bill Malley’s Barndance/Kilnamona’s Barndance”, Under the Moon, Green Linnet

  • Ed Trickett, “January Man”, Gently Down The Stream Of Time, Folk-Legacy


  • The Young Tradition, “The Season Round”, The Young Tradition/So Cheerfully Round, Castle Music

  • Margaret Christl & Ian Robb, “The Barley Grain For Me”, The Barley Grain For Me, Folk-Legacy

  • Peter Wood, “The Pleasant Ballad Of John Barleycorn”, This Label Is Not Removable, Free Reed

  • Jim Boyes, “Bringing In The Sheaves”, All Through The Year, Green Linnet


  • The Old Swan Band, “The Curley-Headed Ploughboy”, No Reels, Free Reed

  • Finest Kind, “The Painful Plough”, Silks & Spices, Fallen Angle Music

  • Tannahill Weavers, “The Plooman Laddies/John Murray Of Lochee”, Capernaum, Green Linnet


  • Bill Whaley & Dave Fletcher, “The Pretty Ploughboy”, Song Links 2, Fellside

  • Bruce Molsky, “The Simple Ploughboy”, Song Links 2, Fellside

  • Big Twang, “Pastures Of Plenty”, Pastures Of Plenty, Independent


  • Tim Grimm, “Or Bust”, “So It Goes”, Holding Up The World, Vault Records

  • Richard Shindell, “Deportee”, “Lawrence KS”, South Of Delia, Signature Sounds


  • Joe Jencks, “Thank God For Rain”, I Hear Your Voice, Turtle Bear Music

  • Erica Wheeler, “Good Summer Rain”, Good Summer Rain, Signature Sounds

  • Ian Robb & Shelley Posen, “Farmer’s Boy”, Live At The Dutch Barn, Old Songs Festival

  • Mellstock Band, “How Happy’s The Man”, “Two Dances”, Tenants Of The Earth, Wild Goose Studios