State Troubadours/ Alison Krauss

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

This was a two part show with Paul Litwinovich filling in for a vacationing Steve Winters.

The first hour was dedicated to a few former and present Connecticut State Troubadours , as well as the music of David Walburn, who certainly would qualify as a Montana state troubadour, should the position ever become official. A bill to enact the position was placed before the Montana legislature last summer, but I was not able to determine its outcome at the time of this show. Connecticut created the honorary position back in 1991. It has been held by thirteen individuals or duets since its inception.

Lara Herscovitch, the current CT troubadour discovered that I was planning the show and sent me three songs from her up coming CD “Through A Frozen Midnight Sky” to be released later this year. I wish that I could have slipped in her song “Lightning” which has a blues flavor. All were great, but I was running short on time and could only fit one in. It will be well worth picking up a copy of this CD once it is available, you won’t be disappointed.

The second hour was a prerecorded interview with Alison Krauss hosted by Rounder Record’s Brad Paul

I closed the show out with a hammer dulcimer medley played by Mike Kachuba that had been recorded live on a previous edition of Profiles.

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Second Hour: Prerecorded Alison Krauss interview

Wrap up with a hammer dulcimer medley by Mike Kachuba