Tim Eriksen: Live in WSHU’s Studio A

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

Eclectic and electric are perfect fits for Tim Eriksen and his musical endeavors. His musical journey in the past three decades has taken him from punk rock to South Indian classical music to traditional balladry to Sacred Harp singing to Bosnian pop and folk music to an arranger for and performer of the music of the Academy Award-winning movie “Cold Mountain.” Most recently, Tim performed as a soloist in Evan Chamber’s new symphonic work, “The Old Burying Ground”, and has recently worked with world-jazz innovator Omar Sosa.

It’s been a bit since visiting our studios three, perhaps four, times as part of Cordelia’s Dad, but this master musician made a return visit to “Profiles in Folk” this night for a memorable show. We spent 90 minutes in the studio with Tim, who was generous with his time as he drove down from Massachusetts after having just returned from a performing tour on the West Coast. WSHU Chief Engineer Paul Litwinovich was once again “the man behind the glass” mixing the sound.

Listen to the live portion of the show:
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Tim Eriksen: Live in WSHU’s Studio A

Live: “Farewell To Old Bedford”
Live: “Friendship”
CD: Omar Sosa and Tim Eriksen, “Promised Land”, Across The Divide, Half Note Records
Live: “Gabriel’s Gonna Blow”
Live: “Omie Wise”
Live: “Bonny Bay Of Biscay-O”
Live: “Love Can Enter An Iron Door”
Live: “Every Sound Below”

We finished up the final 30 minutes of the show with three selections about the Civil War from Tim’s most recent solo album, “Every Sound Below” on Appleseed Records, and three selections from the singing of Cordelia’s Dad.

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label >
  • Tim Eriksen, “The Southern Girl’s Reply”, “The Cumberland And The Merrimac”, “The Soldier’s Return”, Every Sound Below, Appleseed Records

  • Cordelia’s Dad, “Katy Cruel”, “Gypsy Davy”, Comet, Omnium Records

  • Cordelia’s Dad, “Clyde Davenport Tunes”, Spine, Appleseed Records