Memorial Day Observed

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

As American military conflicts continue in Iraq and Afghanistan, this program marks the annual observance of Memorial Day, which falls on Monday. This program honors all those who gave their lives in service to this nation and its rights and freedoms from the American Revolutionary War to the current conflicts.

As in recent years’ programming, our focus is on the Civil War, the deadliest conflict in America's history (over 500,000 died), out of which the Memorial Day holiday, first known as Decoration Day, originated. There is such a large body of historical and contemporary song that evolves around the Civil War and it's worth presenting. Listener reaction the past three years to a Civil War-based show certainly affirms that notion.

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • Judy Collins, “Battle Hymn Of The Republic”, Songs Of The Civil War, Columbia

  • Tad Marks, “The March To Gettysburg”, Our Crazy Love Affair, Crop Circle

  • Derek Warfield, “Dixieland”, The Bonnie Blue Flag, Independent

  • The Weavers, “Rally Round The Flag”, Wasn’t That A Time (Box), Vanguard


  • Carol Noonan, “Emma”, Somebody’s Darling, Independent

  • Jed Marum, “Letter From Lilac Acres”, Fighting Tigers Of Ireland, Boston Road

  • Tim Eriksen, “Southern Girl’s Reply”, Every Sound Below, Appleseed


  • Ben Bedford, “Twenty One”, Land Of The Shadows, Hopeful Sky

  • Richard Shindell, “Arrowhead”, Blue Divide, Shanachie

  • Jack Hardy, “The 111th Pennsylvane”, Civil Wars, Great Divide


  • David Davis & The Warrior River Boys, “Chancellorsville”, Troubled Times, Rebel

  • Jed Marum, “One Bloody Friday”, Cross Over The River, Boston Road

  • Guy Clark, “Soldier’s Joy 1864”, The Dark, Sugar Hill

  • Jay Ungar/Molly Mason/Fiddle Fever, “Marching Through Georgia”, Songs Of The Civil War, Columbia

  • Kathy Mattea, “The Vacant Chair”, Songs Of The Civil War, Columbia


  • John Hartford, “Aura Lee”, “The Secesh (Shiloh)”, “Lorena”, Songs Of The Civil War, Columbia


  • John Gorka, “Let Them In”, The Company You Keep, Red House

  • Staff Sgt. Steve Luck, “Taps”, Songs Of The Civil War, Columbia