First broadcast August 7, 2009

In The Tradition

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

When I programmed the recent “In Memoriam” program marking the death of folk music performer, collector, producer and historian Sandy Paton, also proprietor of Folk-Legacy Records, I spent time discussing the concept of “in the tradition”. I related how Folk-Legacy’s origins emanated with field recordings and later moved on to recordings of musicians who, rather than possessing a song repertoire gained solely or largely from oral transmission, drew on traditional material and performed “in the tradition.” This show offered examples of that concept put into practice today, including two sets from our old friend Deb Cowan’s new album which is, in a word, exquisite. It's highly recommended, as the critics like to say.

There’s also inspiring material from New York State singer-instrumentalist Dave Ruch, banjoist Brett Ratliff of Kentucky and songstress Sarah McQuaid, who’s lived in many places, including America, but now makes her abode in Cornwall, England. I also added two snippets from Kerfuffle and William Pint and Felicia Dale. Sarah McQuaid is doing a short tour of America, including New England, this month while Pint and Dale have an upcoming house concert in our broadcast area.

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • Brett Ratliff, “Getting Wild Again”, Cold Icy Mountain, June Appal


  • Dave Ruch, “The Ballad Of Blue Mountain Lake”, “Montreal Reel/La Bastringue”, “The Barefoot Boy With Boots On”, “Roslyn Castle (Two Ways)”, The Oldest Was Born First, Independent


  • Debra Cowan, “Yon Green Valley”, “Cruel Was My Father”, “Salisbury Plain”, Fond Desire Farewell, Falling Mountain Music


  • Kerfuffle, “Down By The Greenwood Side”, To The Ground, Root Beat

  • Pint & Dale, “High Barbaree”, Seven Seas, Waterbug


  • Debra Cowan, “Runs By The Shore”, “The Night Owl Homeward Turns”, “Lili Marlene Walks Away”, “The Darkest Hour Is Just Before The Dawn”, Fond Desire Farewell, Falling Mountain Music


  • Sarah McQuaid, “The Chickens They Are Crowing”, “Shady Grove/Cluck Old Hen”, “Wondrous Love”, “In The Pines”, I Won’t Go Home ’Til Morning, Independent


  • Brett Ratliff, “Ain’t Gonna Work Tomorrow”, “Nine Miles Out Of Louisville”, Cold Icy Mountain, June Appal