Catching Up On Recent Releases

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

There have been so many thematic, in-studio guests and “in memoriam” “Profiles in Folk” programs in recent months that the new releases have been piling up. For the next two weeks, before the coffeehouses move into full swing for the fall, “Profiles” will be devoted to selections from some of my favorites among the new CDs.

This first show starts off with notes of protest from a wonderful “classic” anthology from Smithsonian Folkways and segues into a bit more political protest found on Jack Hardy’s splendid new album, along with a tale based in our state capital of Hartford and an enchanting new song titled “Little Dove.” The first hour ended with a new album comprised of selections from archival tapes recently discovered by Arlo Guthrie. Some Long Island listeners called while we were airing the cuts and said it was a concert done at Stonybrook University in either January or February 1968 after a celebrated major drug bust at the university on Jan. 17, 1968.

We headed to Tennessee and Texas for the final hour with fine new material from Nashville’s Eric Brace & Peter Cooper and Jim Lauderdale and Austin’s Byrd & Street and Albert & Gage.

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • The Resophonics, “When The Rain Comes”, Last Long Winter, Independent


  • New World Singers, “Blowin’ In The Wind”, Classic Protest Songs, Smithsonian Folkways

  • Peter LaFarge, “As Long As The Grass Shall Grow”, Classic Protest Songs, Smithsonian Folkways

  • Guy Carawan, “We Shall Overcome”, Classic Protest Songs, Smithsonian Folkways

  • Steve Forbert & Jack Hardy et al, “This Land Is Your Land”, Classic Protest Songs, Smithsonian Folkways


  • Jack Hardy, “Soundtrack”, “Ask Questions”, “Tobacco Shed”, “Little Dove”, Rye Grass, Great Divide


  • Arlo Guthrie, “The Unbelievable Motorcycle Tale”, “What A Gas”, “Coming Into Los Angeles”, “If Ever I Should See The Mountain”, Tales Of ’69, Rising Son


  • Eric Brace & Peter Cooper, “I Know A Bird”, “The First In Line”, “Her Bright Smiles Haunts Me”, You Don’t Have To Like Both Of Them, Red Beet


  • Jim Lauderdale, “Calico”, “The Ghosts Of The Ridge”, “Lead Me”, Could We Get Any Closer?, Sky Crunch


  • Byrd & Street, “Love Broke The Fall”, Love Broke The Fall, Independent

  • Albert & Gage, “Dakota Lullaby”, Dakota Lullaby, Moon House