In Memoriam: Mary Travers

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

For those of us in the folk music community, this has been an especially difficult year with the passing of several bulwarks of the community. Another significant loss came this week with the death of Mary Travers, the female third of the quintessential folk trio, Peter, Paul & Mary who helped bring folk music and politically-minded songs into America’s mainstream consciousness during the 1960s.

Mary, 72, and who lived most of her life in a restored Connecticut farmhouse in nearby Redding, died in Danbury Hospital on Sept. 16 of complications for chemotherapy associated with a bone-marrow transplant of several years ago after developing leukemia.

Mary brought a powerful and soaring voice to Peter, Paul & Mary and as music historian Elijah Wald noted, “She was obviously the sex appeal of hat group and that group was the sex appeal of the movement.”

More so, P,P&M were stewards of a folk music tradition of political activism and brought the songs of such little known songwriters at the time as Bob Dylan and Gordon Lightfoot to a commercial market. In doing so, the trio took risks to their successful careers in their outspokenness against the Vietnam War and for civil rights.

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