A Last Chorus For Those Who Died in 2009

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

Sing Out! magazine aptly titles their obituaries as a “Last Chorus” for those departed from the folk music world. This is a “listen back” to just a small portion of the work and artistry of those who left this Earth in 2009. Several portions of “Profiles in Folk” or entire shows were dedicated to a handful of these artists throughout the year. The list of those departed was particularly lengthy for 2009 and the majority of this show only touches briefly on a handful of those who made significant contributions to the world of folk and acoustic music. Their musical legacies live on, however.

About a quarter of this show was devoted to artists (*) who will be appearing in our broadcast area during the next week, carrying on the musical tradition.

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • Sandy Paton & The Golden Ring, “For All The Good People”, For All The Good People, Folk-Legacy


  • Peter Paul & Mary, “Pastures Of Plenty”, “ Home Is Where The Heart Is”, Songs Of Conscience & Concern, Warner Brothers

  • Liam Clancy, “Move Along”, “The Cause Of My Sorrow”, Tommy Makem & Liam Clancy, Blackbird


  • Sandy Paton, “Damned Old Piney Mountains”, For All The Good People, Folk-Legacy

  • Sandy Paton, “Rowdy Soul”, Live From The Dutch Barn, Old Songs Festival


  • Recordings by Ray Alden, folk music documentarian and historian and folk musician:, ,

  • The L-7s, “Georgia Horseshoe”, The Young Fogies/Vol. II, Rounder

  • The Lazy Aces, “Keep Your Gal At Home”, The Young Fogies/Vol. II, Rounder

  • The Chicken Chokers, “Grey Eagle”, The Young Fogies/Vol. II, Rounder


  • *Bruce Molsky, “Lazy John/The Bucking Mule”, Soon Be Time, Compass

  • *Claire Lynch, “Moonlighter”, Moonlighter, Rounder

  • *Claire Lynch, “Hey Lonesome” , O Sister 2, Rounder


  • *Emma’s Revolution with Holly Near, “Listen To The Voices”, “Sail Away Ladies”, We Came To Sing, Calico Tracks

  • *Eilen Jewell, “Rain Roll In”, “Codeine Arms”, Sea Of Tears, Signature Sounds


  • Evelyne Beers, “The Golden Skein”, Dumbarton’s Drums, Columbia

  • Craig Johnson, “Ladies On A Steamboat”, “New Harmony”, Away Down The Road, 5-String Productions

  • Mike Seeger with Jack Cooke & Ralph Stanley, “East Virginia Blues”, Third Annual Farewell Reunion, Rounder

  • Mike Seeger with Paul Brown & Tommy Jarrell, “Old Time Sally Ann”, Third Annual Farewell Reunion, Rounder


  • Tim Hart & Maddy Prior, “Of All The Birds”, The Best Of And The Rest Of Folk Masters, Action Replay

  • Steeleye Span, “Skewball”, Troubadours Of British Folk/Vol. 1, Rhino