Singing & Playing In Twos

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

There is always a special musical dynamic to artists who play and vocalize as duets, duos, pairs, twosomes - whatever you choose to call the configuration. The majority of music from recent releases for this program focuses on that dynamic. Along the way, we take two side trips - some countrified bluegrass from Catie Curtis and then tucking in a bit of fancy guitar work from two Connecticut guitarists in advance of an annual guitar extravaganza in nearby New Haven.

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • Catie Curtis, 100 Miles, Walking On A Wire, Hello Stranger, Hello Stranger, Compass


  • Abrams Brothers, I Want To Be Loved, Searching For Myself, Carolina Star, Iron Sharpens Iron, Master Shield


  • Beaucoup Blue, Delta Rain, Oh America, No Friend Of Money, Free To Fall, Independent


  • Robert Messore, Easter Snow, Focus, Humphrey Street Records

  • Dan Bonis, Waterfall, Delivering The Cake, Independent

  • Robert Messore, Citi na gCumman, Focus, Humphrey Street Records


  • Annie & Rodd Capps, Serenity Road, Sheriff's Daughter, My Blue Garden, My Blue Garden, Yellow Room


  • Jan Krist & Jim Bizer, Right Around The Corner, Any One Thing, Influence, Yellow Room


  • Rhythm Angels (Celeste Krenz & Rebecca Folsom), If I Had A Gun, Fall Into Me, Girls Like Us, High Horse


  • Karan Casey & John Doyle, The False Lady, The Bay Of Biscay, Exiles Return, Compass