Tough Choices Surrounded By Old Songs

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

This program centered on three outstanding shows that will be offered on the same night in our broadcast area (in addition to a host of other folk concerts), making for a tough choice for folk music aficionados. The superb Canadian trio Finest Kind will be singing their fine vocal arrangements in Branford, fellow Canadian and outstanding singer-songwriter James Keelaghan will be appearing in Hartford and in our town of Fairfield there will be an Irish star-studded tribute concert for 80-year-old Joe Derrane, a living legend of the D/C# accordion.

Wrapped around the musical centerpieces was another trip down nostalgia lane as I pulled some beautiful "oldies" out of the folk vault.

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • Freyda & Acoustic Attatude, Telemann Canonic Sonata Allegro In G Major/Blackthorne, Midnight At Cabell Hall, Red House

  • Trova, Shaggy Pony, Pastures Of Plenty, Healing Zone, Red House

  • Freyda & Acoustic Attatude, Today's The Day Potter's Wheel", Midnight At Cabell Hall, Red House


  • James Keelaghan, Cold Missouri Waters, A Recent Future, Green Linnet

  • James Keelaghan, Stonecutter, Home, Appleseed


  • Finest Kind, The Banks Of Sweet Primroses, Lost In A Song, Fallen Angle

  • Finest Kind, Claudy Banks, For Honour And For Gain, Fallen Angle


  • Joe Derrane, The Lost Jig/Breakfast With Jerry/Jackie Daly's, Tango Derrane, Grove Lane, Compass


  • Rick Fielding, Last Freight Train, Off To School No More, Acoustic Workshop, Borealis

  • Flynn Cohen, Dogwood Reel, Hangman, Mellow Yell, Deadstring Music

  • David Holt & The Lightning Bolts, Ready For The Times To Get Better, Shaky Jake, David Holt And The Lightning Bolts, High Windy


  • Annalivia, The Meeting Is Over, Barrier Falls, Barrier Falls, 5-String Productions