And Now For Something Completely Different

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

I’m delving into the folk archive and pulling out mostly older albums that present world folk and classical music with a twist, whether it is the musical setting, the arrangement, the interpretation or simply the origin of the music. Of note: The artists, with the exception of the Walkingwood Mandolin Quartet from our own East Coast and Hilary Field and Patrice O’Neill from the West Coast, hail from across the pond in the United Kingdom. Anao Atao is from Cornwall

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • Carnival Band, “La Danse Carree”, Hoi Polloi, Park Records


  • Dordan, “From A Little Notebook For Anna Magdalena Bach”, “The Dublin Reel/The Fairy Reel”, Irish Traditional & Baroque, Gael-Linn

  • Ceolbeg, “The Chow Man/Catriona Og”, “The Nodding Song/The Skye Bridge Dance”, Ceolbeg 5, Greentrax

  • Dordan, “Old Irish Air/Purcell Hornpipe”, Irish Traditional & Baroque, Gael-Linn

  • Ceolbeg, “Borderline/Les Freres Denis”, Ceolbeg 5, Greentrax


  • Brass Monkey, “The Queen’s Birthday/New Whitehall/ Dick’s Maggot”, Flame Of Fire, Topic

  • Waz, “Rhythm Of The Time”, “Bernie’s Wish/Le Grand Fromage”, Waz!, Cooking Vinyl


  • Carnival Band, “Kothbiro”, Hoi Polloi, Park Records

  • Walkingwood Mandolin Quartet, “K-Tel Medley”, “Angus’ Caribbean Holiday Medley”, Walkingwood Mandolin Quartet, Independent

  • Carnival Band, “Strudelpolka/The Bash”, Hoi Polloi, Park Records


  • Anao Atao, “An Dewis (Decisions)”, “Gwely Delyo (Bed Of Leaves)”, Poll Lyfans (Frogpool), Independent

  • Hilary Field & Patrice O’Neill, “Chi Mi Na Morbheanna (I See The Great Mountains)”, Cantilena, Yellow Tail Records