First broadcast August 26, 2011

Superb Storytellers

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

Many folk artists are superb storytellers, offering us short stories and novellas in the form of song. This program focuses on four of the best from both sides of the Atlantic: English singer-songwriters John Tams and Richard Thompson and Americans Jack Hardy and Tom Russell.

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • Home Service, “Radstock Jig”, Alright Jack, Fledg’ling Records


  • John Tams, “How High The Price?/All Clouds The Sky/St. Hilda’s Waltz”, The Reckoning, Topic Records

  • John Tams, “The Sea” Medley, The Reckoning, Topic


  • Home Service, “Alright Jack”, Alright Jack, Fledg’ling


  • Jack Hardy, “Wheelbarrow Johnny”, Landmark, Prime CD

  • Jack Hardy, “The Hunter”, The Hunter, Prime CD


  • Suzanne Vega, “St. Clare”, Songs In Red And Gray, A&M

  • Jack Hardy, “The Uley Mill Song”, Noir, Great Divide Records


  • Richard Thompson, “From Galway To Graceland”, Live At The Iron Horse/Vol. 1, Signature Sounds

  • Richard Thompson, “1952 Vincent Black Lightning”, Rumour And Sighs, Capitol


  • Kate Rusby, “Withered And Died”, Little Lights, Compass

  • Richard Thompson, “King Of Bohemia”, Mirror Blue, Capitol


  • Tom Russell, “Blue Wing”, The Long Way Around, HighTone Records

  • Tom Russell, “The Sky Above The Mud Below”, Songs Of The West, HMG/HighTone


  • Laurie Lewis, “Manzanar”, Wounded Heart Of America, HighTone

  • Tom Russell, “Guadalupe”, Blood And Candle Smoke, Shout!