10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

Last week’s Profiles in Folk paid tribute to many in the field of folk and acoustic music who died during 2011. This show moves us into this New Year with selections from newly released albums with two exceptions: one, the Zu Zazz String Orkestra and Caravan Of Thieves have shows in our broadcast area this weekend and, two, I recently by accident happened upon the Shel Silverstein tribute album called “Twistable Turnable Man”, which had fallen into a box in my library when it was released in 2010. It’s “new” to me.

On a sad note, I also discussed during this program the passing since the New Year dawned of Will Tressler at age 80 in Easton and Bob Chamberlain at age 96 in Newtown. Both were original members and founders of the venerable Jackson Pike Skifflers and the Easton Banjo Society in the early 1960s. Bob departed the group somewhere along its lengthy fabled tenure, but Will continued as a vital and moving force of the group as well as for old-time music in general for far more than a half century.

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • Comas, “Tom Ginley’s/The Rub/Fisherstreet Reel”, Comas, Mad River Records


  • Bua, “Eddie Maloney’s/Micho Russell’s”, “Gaelic Song”, Down The Green Fields, Independent

  • Iona, “Les Pules Huppees/Ton Bal Eured/Tumbledown”, “Pachipi/Dans Les Prisons de Nantes/Johnny’s Gone To France”, Silver, Barnaby Productions


  • Comas, “Causeway” (with Daithi Rua), “The Pretty Girl Milking The Cow/Nele’s Nutcake”, Comas, Mad River


  • Richard Shindell, “Sparrows Point”, “The Next Best Western”, Thirteen Songs You May Or May Not Have Heard Before, Amalgamated Balladry

  • Emma’s Revolution, “Stand Together”, “Taxed Enough Already?”, Revolutions Per Minute, Independent


  • Zu Zazz String Orkestra, “California Blues”, “You Never Will Find Another Kanaka Like Me”, Promo Sampler, Independent

  • Caravan Of Thieves, “Bohemian Rhapsody”, Mischief Night, Independent

  • Caravan Of Thieves, “Shim Sham”, The Fun House, UFO (United For Opportunity)


  • John Prine, “This Guitar Is For Sale”, Twistable Turnable Man, Sugar Hill

  • Todd Snider, “A Boy Named Sue”, Twistable Turnable Man, Sugar Hill

  • Scott T. Miller, “Midnight At The Duck Pond”, Songs Of Love And Porkchops, Waxmoth Records