An Emphasis On Young Folk

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

The last decade witnessed a burgeoning of young performers — many conservatory or classically trained — who have taken up the anthems and ethos of folk and acoustic music and who have reshaped the music, especially ensemble music, in new ways and new directions. Groups such as Crooked Still, Uncle Earl, Black Prairie, Old Crow Medicine Show, etc., provided the example. Yes, there are a few “elders” in this mix, but here’s a selection from groups on that pathway. Two of these stellar ensembles — Andrew and Noah VanNorstrand from upstate New York and their band and Annalivia from the greater Boston area — grace our listening area with concerts during the next week which shouldn’t be missed

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • Mean Lids, “Tangwystl’s”, Mean Lids, Independent


  • The Blackberry Bushes, “Salt Creek”, Little Bit Of Grace, Independent

  • Red Molly, “Walk Beside Me”, “It’s Too Late To Call It A Night”, Light In The Sky, Independent

  • Blackberry Bushes, “Old Oak Grove”, Little Bit Of Grace, Independent


  • Andrew & Noah VanNorstrand, “Only One Season”, “You Are The One In My Dreams”, All The Good Summers, Great Bear Records


  • Annalivia, “When I Was In My Prime”, “The Wind Is An Angry Friend”, Annalivia, Independent


  • Andrew & Noah VanNorstrand, “Samuel Mason”, All The Good Summers, Great Bear Records

  • Annalivia, “Walking On A Wire”, Annalivia, Independent


  • The Pines, “If I By Morning”, Dark So Gold, Red House

  • Kyle Carey, “She Is My Love”, “The Star Above Rankin’s Point”, Monongah, Independent

  • The Pines, “Grace Hill”, Dark So Gold, Red House


  • The Refugees, “Can’t Stop Now”, “January Sky”, Three, Wabuho Records


  • Mean Lids, “Mini’s Waltz”, Mean Lids, Independent