Kyle Carey Live In WSHU’s Studio A

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

Since its debut almost one year ago, Kyle Carey’s album Monongah and her roots-based “Gaelic Americana” music has elicited quite a bit of favorable comment from Profiles listeners and it was a real treat to be able to present her “live” (we taped the session a few days before this show aired) as she passed through on her Northeastern tour. Kyle was accompanied by fiddler Andrew Finn Magill from Asheville, N.C. and guitarist Sean Earnest from New York City. They joined us for more than an hour of delightful music and insightful discussion in a session engineered by WSHU Chief Engineer Paul Litwinovich.

The first part of the program took odd twists: I began with refreshing Irish music from Eamonn Coyne and Kris Drever and balladeer Andy Irvine, moved to fascinating Bela Bartok selections from Jake Schepps on banjo and finished with selections from the cast of the Broadway play “Once”, which utilizes a great deal of folk-based ensemble music and received a host of Tony nominations this week.

Kyle Carey Trio Live In WSHU’s Studio A

“Gaol Ise Gaol I (She Is My Love)”
“Let Them Be All”
“Boppa’s Shout Medley” (Finn Magill & Sean Earnest)
“Orange Blossom”
“Devil At Your Back”

Listen to the live portion of the show

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