Extended Play

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

Knowing that I would be returning from a vacation and alighting from a jet just a few hours before show time, I finally put into play an idea that’s been kicking around in my head for quite a while: Offering a program of extended works, most of them instrumental in nature. The only rule of thumb was that each piece had to be at least five minutes in length, enabling the artist(s) to stretch out their musical legs.

There’s one exception (there always is!) and that’s the set by the Red Hen String Band and Jane Rothfield, the fiddler for the group. The set highlights their debut appearance the next night at the Branford Folk Music Society.

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • No Strings Attached, "La Bastrange/Flowers of Edinburgh/Red Haired Boy”, Old Friend’s Waltz, EMC


  • Maggie Sansone, “Breton Suite”, Wind Drift, Maggie’s Music


  • Rodney & Elvie Miller, “Soelvi’s Song/Serpentine”, Spyglass Waltzes, Brimstone Corner Records

  • Dervish & Vasen, “Josefin’s Waltz”, At The End Of The Day, Kell’s Music


  • Childsplay, “Race The River Jordan/Sleepy-Eyed John/Race The River Jordan”, Heaven & Earth, Childsplay Music


  • Red Hen, “Off the Griddle”, Birds Of A Feather, Wepecket Island Records

  • Jane Rothfield, “Breezy Point”, “Park Moon Waltz”, In The Moment, 5-String Productions

  • Red Hen, “Blue Yodel #3”, Birds Of A Feather, Wepecket Island Records


  • Mean Lids, “A.M.J.”, Mean Lids, Independent

  • Kenny Kosek, “Poppy’s Waltz”, Angelwood, Rounder


  • Notorious, “Door County #2”, The Road To Damascus, Black Socks Press

  • Peter Ostroushko, “Virginia Reel From Hell Medley”, Heart Of The Heartlands, Red House


  • Quickstep, “Julia Delaney/The Scholar/The Earl’s Chair/Frank’s Reel”, Shuffle About, Quickstep Music

  • Solas, “Le Poules Huppees”, Reunion: A Decade Of Solas, Compass