Catching Up On New Releases II

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

As the first month of the New Year fills out, we continue our mission to catch up on programming some of 2012’s excellent releases in the ongoing battle of DJ versus new record releases! However, we launch the program with two old chestnuts.

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • Slainte Mhath, “Brucie And The Troopers”, Slainte Mhath, Greentrax Records

  • Sam Bush Band, “They’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone”, Merlefest Live!, Merlefest Records


  • Loretta Egan Murphy, “The Shannon’s Flowery Banks”, Beyond The Watery Lane, Independent

  • Mary Courtney & Morning Star, “Down By The Glenside”, “Four Green Fields”, Completely Stone Mad Music

  • Loretta Egan Murphy, “The Ash Grove”, Beyond The Watery Lane, Independent


  • Ben Bedford, “What We Lost”, “Fire In His Bones”, What We Lost, Waterbug

  • John Lilly, “I Can’t Escape From You”, “Roadkill”, Haunted Honky Tonk, Independent


  • Geoff Bartley, “Mercy For The Dispossessed”, Mercy For The Dispossessed, Magic Crow Records


  • Nightflyer, “White Freight Liner Blues”, Nightflyer, Kang Records

  • The Grass Cats, “Blowin’ In The Wind”, The Mountains My Babe And Me, New Time Records

  • Robert Hale, “Did She Mention My Name?”, Pure & Simple, Pinecastle Records

  • Moore Brothers Band, “I’ve Just Seen The Rock Of Ages”, Pick It Brother, Independent

  • The Grass Cats, “I Can’t Stand It”, The Mountains My Babe And Me, New Time Records


  • Colin O’Brien, “Take A Little Piece Of Me”, After A Song, Independent

  • Little Jane & The Pistol Whips, “All I Need To Know”, “Let Me Pretend”, This Town, Independent

  • Colin O’Brien, “The Six O’Clock Train And A Girl With Green Eyes”, After A Song, Independent


  • Kevin Neidig, “Peace Be With You”, I’ve Been There, Independent

  • Colin O’Brien, “Midnight On The Water”, After A Song, Independent