First broadcast February 1, 2013

A Night Of Old-Time Music

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • The Ragtime Skedaddlers, “Silver Heels”, Mandolins At The Cakewalk, Mandophone Records


  • The Old 78’s, “Wildcat Rag/Ruth’s Rag”, “Far South Medley”, Old Time Fiddle Rags/Classic And Minstrel Banjo, Ozark Records

  • The Ragtime Skedaddlers, “Pepper Sauce”, “”Shiftless Johnson”, Mandolins At The Cakewalk, Mandophone


  • Carolina Chocolate Drops, “Ruby Are You Mad At Your Man?”, “Boodle-De-Bum-Bum”, Leaving Eden, Nonesuch Records


  • Erryn Marshall, “Bonaparte’s Retreat”, Tune Tramp, Hickoryjack Music

  • The Haints, “Devil’s Dream/Last Chance”, “Bob McKinney”, Shout Mona, Hickoryjack Music

  • Erryn Marshall, “Rambler’s Blues”, Tune Tramp, Hickoryjack Music


  • Red Hen Stringband, “Ishikawa”, Birds Of A Feather, Wepecket Records


  • Walt Koken, “Sittin’ In The Catbird’s Seat”, “Peaceful Times”, Sittin’ In The Catbird’s Seat, Mudthumper Music


  • I Draw Slow, “Mama Don’t Cry”, Redhills, Pinecastle Records

  • The Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra, “Nose Hill”, “Mountains On Fire”, Follow My Lead/Lead Me To Follow, Independent

  • I Draw Slow, “Buffalo Hunt”, Redhills, Pinecastle Records


  • Trimountain Session, “Sloth Indolence & Torpidity”, Acoustic Radio Sampler Vol. XII / #10, Oasis

  • Jerusalem Road, “Wayfarin’ Stranger”, Acoustic Radio Sampler Vol. XII / #9, Oasis

  • Kory & Kelsey Wells, “Our Spirits Shall Sorrow No More”, Acoustic Radio Sampler Vol. XII / #10, Oasis


  • The Haints, “Tupelo Blues”, Shout Mona, Hickoryjack Music