Live in WSHU’s Studio A: Celtic Accordionist John Whelan

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

Live in WSHU’s Studio A: Celtic Accordionist John Whelan Since his arrival in Connecticut in the early 1990s, seven-time All-Ireland Button Accordionist John Whelan has been a frequent guest on “Profiles in Folk” and a strong supporter of the program and WSHU Public Radio. In short, he became a dear personal friend. He will be moving to Alabama next month and, in a sense, this is a show that wishes him “Godspeed”, although I suspect it is not his final appearance on “Profiles”.

The focus this show rests firmly on his impending move to the South, some of his upcoming concerts with other groups and, most important, the release of his new album, “Passage Of Time”, which collects performances of 33 of his own compositions. It follows several albums he released during the past decade that largely spotlighted traditional Irish music.

WSHU Chief Engineer Paul Litwinovich once again mixed the sound and made sure we didn't talk too much.

I closed out the program with a tribute to Richie Havens, the soulful singer-songwriter with a percussive guitar style who was truly representative of the 1960s folk revival that centered on Greenwich Village and who made such an impression at Woodstock in 1969.

Listen to the live portion of the show

Live In WSHU’s Studio A: John Whelan

CD: “Trip to Skye”, “Passage Of Time”, JW Records

Live: “The Pretty Girls Of Mayo/Father Kelly”

Live: A Medley of Hornpipes and Slides

CD: The Yanks, “Auchdon House/McDonough’s Salute”, The Yanks, Independent

CD: Annalivia, “Barrier Falls”, Barrier Falls, 5-String Productions

CD: Legacy, “The Gooseberry Bush/I Have No Money/Richard Dwyer’s/Jack Coughlan's Fancy”, Not Making Hay, Independent.

Live: “Medley Of Reels”


In Memoriam: Richie Havens:

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  • Judy Henske, “High Flying Bird”, Troubadours Of The Folk Era/Vol. 2, Rhino

  • Richie Havens, “Freedom”, Resume: The Best Of Richie Havens, Rhino

  • Pete Seeger with Richie Havens, “Jackhammer John”, A Tribute To Woody Guthrie, Warner Brothers

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