Songs Of The Sea

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

It’s an entire night of sea music on Profiles in Folk. The emphasis is on performers who will be appearing at the upcoming Mystic Seaport Sea Music Festival (The Johnson Girls, Larry Kaplan, Forebitter, John Roberts), but also includes some old favorites. One special set featured two pieces from Celtic music great Andy Irvine who will be appearing here at Sacred Heart University on June 9 only a stone’s throw from WSHU’s on-air studios. Through the generosity of The Shamrock Traditional Irish Music Society and Tim Quinn, we were able to have listeners view for tickets to the show.

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • Davy Steele with Ceolbeg, “Farewell Tae The Haven”, People And Songs Of The Sea, Greentrax


  • John Roberts, “Sea Fever”, Sea Fever, Golden Hind Music

  • The Johnson Girls, “Heave Her Up And Bust Her”, Fire Down Below, Folk-Legacy Records

  • Forebitter, “Get Up Jack/John Sit Down”, Voyages, Mystic Seaport

  • Dan Milner & Lou Killen, “The Banks Of Newfoundland”, Irish Ballads & Songs Of The Sea, Folk-Legacy


  • Larry Kaplan, “Get Her Into Shore”, “The Catherine Doyle”, Songs For An August Moon, Folk-Legacy


  • The Johnson Girls, “Rolling Down The River”, Fire Down Below, Folk-Legacy

  • Forebitter, “The Whaleman’s Alphabet”, Voyages, Mystic Seaport

  • The Johnson Girls, “Fire Down Below”, Fire Down Below, Folk-Legacy

  • Ellen Cohn, “Ten-Penny Bit”, Classic Maritime Music, Smithsonian Folkways

  • Forebitter, “The River Lea”, Voyages, Mystic Seaport


  • Andy Irvine, “On A Distant Shore”, Way Out Yonder, Appleseed Recordings

  • Andy Irvine, “The Demon Lover”, Abocurragh, AK Records


  • John Roberts, “The Campanero”, “The Weeping Willow Tree”, Sea Fever, Golden Hind Music

  • Black-Eyed Biddy, “Bonnie Ship The Diamond”, Peace Enjoyment Love & Pleasure, Greentrax

  • Archie Fisher, “The Final Trawl”, Windward Away, Red House Records


  • Cliff Haslam & John Millar, “Fathom The Bowl”, Colonial & Revolutionary War Sea Songs & Chanteys, Folkways Recordings

  • Tom Sullivan, “Homeward Bound/The Old Slipper Shoe”, Classic Maritime Music, Smithsonian Folkways