A Look Back & The 2014 Huntington Folk Festival

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

The focus of three-quarters of this show rests firmly on selections from just some of the artists appearing at the 9th Annual Huntington Folk Festival this Saturday in Long Island’s Heckscher Park. The festival features an afternoon of unplugged showcases and song swaps from noon to 6 p.m. hosted by acquaintances Richard Cuccaro and Michael Kornfeld, a hootenanny tribute to Pete Seeger at 8 p.m. and festival headliner Bobtown at 8:30 p.m.

Two recent events led to the opening 30 minutes of bluegrass from of the archives from Northern Lights and Seldom Scene: I caught the group Barnstar at last week’s Green River Festival. Members of the group include Taylor Amerding and his son Jake. Taylor was one of the leading lights in Northern Lights and it’s where Jake, who has gone on to a very successful career as a singer/songwriter and musician, launched his professional career. A few days later Phil Rosenthal sent a note out that included news about a new You Tube video from the days when he was the lead singer and guitarist with Seldom Scene.

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • Northern Lights, “Northern Rail”, Take You To The Sky, Flying Fish


  • Seldom Scene, “Something In The Wind”, Act Four, Sugar Hill

  • Seldom Scene, “Muddy Water:, Scene 20, Sugar Hill

  • Northern Lights, “Wrong Highway Blues”, Wrong Highway Blues, Flying Fish

  • Northern Lights, “Ariel’s Hornpipe”, Living In the City, Red House

  • Seldom Scene, “Leaving Harlan”, Act Four, Sugar Hill


  • Susan Kane, “Buffalo Jump”, “Paulita’s Lament”, A Word Child, Independent

  • Libby Koch, “All That Love”, “Naomi”, Tennessee Colony, Berkalin Records


  • Bobtown, “Mama’s Got The Backbeat”, “Don’t Fear The Reaper”, Trouble I Wrought, Independent


  • Paul Sachs, “Survival Is The New Success”, “The Devil Never Did”, Survival Is The New Success, Independent

  • Jenai Huff, “Grace And Elbow Grease”, Grace And Elbow Grease, Independent

  • Jenai Huff, “Brother Warrior”, Transitions, Independent


  • Honor Finnegan, “The Tiny Life”, “Wonderful World”, The Tiny Life, Independent

  • Marci Geller, “No Weather Down”, “Jack Sang On”, Open Book, Sonic Underground


  • Dylan Sneed, “Under the Sheets”, Texodus, Independent