Loud & Soft

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

The loud of it: Early British folk rock. The soft of it: A genuine love of the human voice a cappella. I intertwined the two in one show, while trying to make a few educational and comparative folk music points as well. The only new album is a marvelous offering from the Johnson Girls.

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • Steeleye Span, “A Calling On Song”, “The Blacksmith”, Hark! The Village Wait, Island


  • The Copper Family, “The Claudy Banks”, Come Write Me Down, Topic

  • Shirley Collins & The Albion Country Band, “Claudy Banks”, No Roses, Castle

  • Steeleye Span, “Horkstow Grange”, Horkstow Grange, Park

  • Coope Boyes & Simpson, “Horkstow Grange”, Rough Guide To CBS, World Music Network


  • Fairport Convention, “Come All Ye”, “Matty Groves”, Liege & Lief, A&M

  • Ashley Hutchings et al, “Staines Morris”, The All New Electric Muse, Universal

  • Albion Country Band, “New St. George/La Rotta”, The All New Electric Muse, Universal


  • The Wailin’ Jennys, “Bright Morning Stars”, Bright Morning Stars, Red House


  • The Copper Family, “Warlike Seamen”, Come Write Me Down, Topic

  • The Wilsons, “18th Day Of June”, Voices, Musica Pangaea (Fellside)

  • Fotheringay, “Banks Of The Nile”, Fotheringay, Island


  • Brian Perkins, “Shipping Forecast”, Guide Cats For The Blind, Osmosys

  • Johnson Girls, “Mama Liza Jane”, On Deck & Below, Folk-Legacy

  • Finest Kind, “A Sailor’s Life”, Heart’s Delight, Fallen Angle Music

  • Coope Boyes & Simpson, “The Sea Must Have An Ending”, Rough Guide To CBS, World Music Network

  • Johnson Girls, “Riley”, On Deck & Below, Folk-Legacy

  • Dialo Dialo & Sissokho, “Rowing Song/Part 1”, Square Roots, fRoots Magazine

  • Albion Country Band, “Morris Dance Tunes”, Morris On, Island