An Airing Of What’s Ahead This Fall

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

This show is a cursory “listen ahead” to some of the early concerts this fall as a new season of folk and acoustic music begins in our broadcast area. Although only so much music can be programmed in a two hour span, I shared information on a wide variety of venues in the tri-state region. Special attention is paid to this weekend’s Connecticut Folk Festival and Green Expo in New Haven’s Edgerton Park headlined by Red Molly.

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • Too Blue, “Grace’s Fancy/Murphy’s Rag”, Trouble With The Grey, Independent


  • Stanley Brothers, “The Fields Have Turned Brown”, “I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow”, The Complete Columbia Stanley Brothers, Columbia/Legacy

  • Big Apple’achia, “Sweet thing”, Big Apple’achia, Independent

  • The Hip Swayers, “A Satisfied Mind”, Free Your Hips, Independent

  • The Boxcar Lilies, “That Lonesome Road”, Sugar Shack, Independent


  • Pesky J. Nixon, “Miss Ohio”, “Wagon Wheel”, Red Ducks, Independent

  • Red Molly, “Willow Tree”, “1952 Vincent Black Lightning”, The Red Album, Independent


  • Suzanne Vega, “Marlene On The Wall”, Close-Up/Vol. 1, Amanuensis Productions

  • Suzanne Vega, “St. Clare”, Songs In Red And Gray, A&M


  • Finest Kind, “Claudy Banks”, For Honour & For Gain, Fallen Angle Music

  • Bill Staines, “Lord Franklin”, Beneath Some Lucky Star, Red House

  • Kathleen Conneely, “Rosemary Lane Medley”, The Coming Of Spring, Independent

  • Sara Grey, “Goodnight-Loving Trail”, Sandy Boys, Fellside

  • Martyn Joseph, “Dic Penderyn”, Evolved, Pipe Records

  • Jim Malcolm, “Cruel Sister”, Resonance, Beltane Records


  • Cosy Sheridan, “Pretty Bird”, Pretty Bird, Waterbug

  • David Roth, “Sounding”, Rising In Love, Folk Era Records

  • Sloan Wainwright, “Live Out The Best Of Your Life”, Connecticut Folk Festival 2014, CT Folk