Fall Pledge Drive

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

It’s the WSHU Fall Pledge Drive and we’re doing our part to keep folk music on the WSHU airwaves. My thanks to those listeners who made pledges during this two hour show and to WSHU Chief Engineer Paul Litwinovich who helped pitch the show.

As for the show’s music, it was a typical mix of a few selections from new releases; songs about the Franklin Expedition to find a Northwest Passage in Canada that tie into recent news events; a memorial remembrance of 9/11; a set of one group (the Johnson Girls) coming to the rescue of another (Finest Kind) who had to cancel shows in our broadcast area this week on short notice because of illness, and a “good night” set.

It’s the variety heard each week on “Profiles in Folk.”

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • Ken & Brad Kolodner, “Otter Creek”, Otter Creek, Fenchurch Music


  • Front Country, “One Kind Word”, Sake Of The Sound, Independent

  • Paddy Mills, “Bay View Massacre”, Race To The Bottom, Ormal Nye Records

  • Front Country, “Rock Salt & Nails”, Sake Of The Sound, Independent


  • Phil Ochs, “Changes”, Phil Ochs In Concert, Elektra

  • Stan Rogers, “Northwest Passage”, Northwest Passage, Fogerty’s Cove Music


  • Johnson Girls, “Johnson Girls”, On Deck & Below, Folk-Legacy

  • Finest Kind, “Bully In The Alley”, “From Dover To Calais”, For Honour & For Gain, Fallen Angle Music

  • Johnson Girls, “Saucy Anna”, On Deck & Below, Folk-Legacy


  • Liz McNicholl, “The Bravest”, Grand Central Station, D&G Records

  • Kitty Donohoe, “There Are No Words”, There Are No Words, Roheen

  • Joe Crookston, “Tuesday Morning”, Georgia I’m Here, Milagrito Records


  • John Roberts & Tony Barrand, “John Barleycorn”, Live At Holsteins!, Golden Hind Music

  • The Voice Squad, “The Parting Glass”, Bringing It All Back Home, Valley Entertainment

  • Frankie Kennedy & Mairead ni Mhaonaigh, “Humours Of Whiskey Medley”, Altan, Green Linnet