New Releases: In The Tradition

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

Wow! Profiles has been blessed during the past month with the arrival of several albums — mostly by Canadian performers — which focus largely on traditional music, much of it performed in new and intriguing settings. Thankfully, many of today’s young performers possess a strong knowledge of and respect for traditional music but are not restricted by its dictates. This program attests to that fact.

There are a few ringers in the mix: Olivia Chaney, whose recent short U.S. tour garnered rave reviews, hails from England. Eighty-year-old Leonard Cohen’s latest album includes his classic “Joan of Arc”, destined to be “traditional” in the centuries to come. And there’s a lengthy “family” set: Namely, a new album from marvelous Canadian songstress Norah Rendell combined with older works from spouse Brian Miller with Randy Gosa and The Outside Track, a band in which she participates. Music from those albums has been sprinkled across previous shows.

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • Les Poules á Colin, “La Suite de Mme. Bovary”, Ste-Waves, Independent


  • Melisande, “Les Metamorphoses”, “La Recompense”, Les Metamorphoses, La Prûche Libre


  • Matthew Byrne, “Intro/Bold Nelson”, “Plains Of Waterloo”, Hearts & Heroes, MusicNL

  • Olivia Chaney, “False Bride”, “Swimming In The Longest River”, The Longest River, Nonesuch


  • Norah Rendell, “The Sailor’s Bride”, “The Pinery Boy”, Spinning Yarns, Two Tap Music

  • The Outside Track, “The Testimonial”, Flash Company, Lorimer Records

  • Brian Miller & Randy Gosa, “The Jolly Raftsman”, “Roll You Drivers Roll”, The Falling Of the Pine, Two Tap

  • Music, , ,

  • Norah Rendell, “Here’s A Health Unto All True Lovers”, Spinning Yarns, Two Tap Music


  • Matthew Byrne, “What Fortune Guides A Sailor”, Hearts & Heroes, MusicNL

  • Leonard Cohen, “Joan Of Arc”, Can’t Forget, Columbia/Legacy

  • Les Poules á Colin, “Paul”, Ste-Waves, Independent