A Delicious Multi-Scoop Cone Of New Releases

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

These may be called the Dog Days of August or the summer doldrums, but that doesn’t hold true for new album releases. They seem to be flowing into station mailboxes at a steady, rapid rate and many are, simply put, quite excellent. Here’s a taste of the latest batch of excellence.

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • Mairtin O’Connor Band, “Trip To Turk”, Going Places, MCS Music


  • Caitlin & Ciaran, “Maebhna Luimnigh”, “O’Sullivan’s March/The Greenfields Of Glentown”, Caitlin & Ciaran

  • Independent, , ,


  • Mairtin O’Connor Band, “The Water Is Wide”, Going Places, MCS Music

  • Altan with Eddi Reader, “Far Beyond Carrickfinn”, The Widening Gyre, Compass Records

  • Haley Richardson, “Dear Irish Boy”, Heart On A String, Independent

  • Altan with Bruce Molsky, “No Ash Will Burn”, The Widening Gyre, Compass Records


  • Tillamook Burn, “Corrina”, “Honey Baby Blues”, Tillamook Burn, Independent

  • Heather Pierson Acoustic Trio, “Still She Will Fly”, “Ain’t Gotten Around”, Still She Will Fly, Vessel


  • Jonathan Edwards, “Tomorrow’s Child”, “Jonny’s Come Home”, Tomorrow’s Child, Rising Records

  • David Roth, “Necessary True And Kind”, “Goodness Is More Than A Dream”, So Far So Good, Wind River


  • Dan Weber, “Oh Woody”, What I’m Lookin’ For, Highway 142 Records

  • John McCutcheon, “Joe Hill’s Last Will”, “The Rebel Girl”, Joe Hill’s Last Will, Appalsongs

  • Rob McHale, “Surrounded Again”, Fields, Wooden Door Records

  • Dan Stevens, “Kerouac’s Dream”, My Life Of Adventure, Gatorbone Records

  • David Roth, “Does Joni Mitchell Ever Mow The Lawn”, So Far So Good, Wind River

  • Geoff Bartley, “Farewell John McGann”, Particles Of Light, Independent


  • Pete’s Posse, “Jack Maxham’s” (medley), Down To The Core, Epact Music