A Fall Season Preview

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

Summer’s drawing to a close and the coffee houses, major venues, summer’s end festivals and house concerts will be resuming. This is a small selection of a few of the performers who will be opening the music season at several venues in our Connecticut and Long Island broadcast area. In addition, there’s a set devoted to our old acquaintance John Redgate, who appeared in two “in-the-round” sessions on Profiles in Folk. John, a native of Bridgeport whose musical credits include a stint as Paul McCartney in Broadway’s “Beatlemania”, is fighting cancer and his friends have scheduled a fund raiser and CD release party for Sunday, Sept. 20 from 2 to 5 p.m. at City Lights Gallery in downtown Bridgeport.

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  • Calan, “Set Stephen”, Dinas, Sain (Wales)


  • The Yanks, “Far From Home”, “Port na bPucai”, Haymaker, Independent


  • Jay Ungar & Molly Mason w/ Fiddle Fever, “Marching Through Georgia”, Songs Of The Civil War, Columbia

  • Jay Ungar & Molly Mason w/ Swingology, “The Blue River Waltz”, Relax Your Mind, Angel

  • Jay Ungar & Molly Mason w/ Fiddle Fever, “Ashokan Farewell”, Songs Of The Civil War, Columbia


  • Della Mae, “Boston Town”, Della Mae, Rounder

  • Della Mae, “Aged Pine”, “My Heart’s Own Love”, I Built This Heart, Independent

  • Piedmont Bluz, Black Rat Swing”, Piedmont Bluz Acoustic Music – Live (Vol. 6), Independent


  • John Gorka, “Houses in The Field”, Jack’s Crows, High Street Records

  • John Gorka, “Let Them In”, The Company You Keep, Red House Records

  • John Gorka, “Love Is Our Cross To Bear”, Land Of The Bottom Line, High Street


  • Claudia Schmidt, “Wayfaring Stranger”, Bend In The River, Red House

  • Claudia Schmidt, “Jane’s Gone (For My Mom, 1922-2013)”, New Whirled Order, Red House


  • John Redgate, “Dreamers Dream Writers Write”, “That’s The Story Of My Life”, Live At Acoustic Café

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  • Kristen Maxwell, “Crimson”, Crimson, Independent