Songs of the Harvest

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

Autumn’s starting to creep into New England. The nights are turning chilly. The leaves are beginning to turn color and the acorns are dropping at a rapid rate. The pumpkins, squash, pears and apples (especially) are in autumnal abundance. However, a majority of this spring and summer’s crops have been harvested and we’re celebrating the end of the harvest. It’s our version of an old-fashioned Harvest Home celebration and a reminder of the eternal cycle of nature and the agrarian ritual. One different twist this year: We’re going to the fair during the program’s second hour!

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • Jeff Warner & Bruce McIntyre, “Lady Of Autumn”, Songs Of the Seasons, NHSCA

  • The Watersons, “Country Life”, For Pence And Spicy Ale, Topic

  • Mick Conneely & David Munnelly, “The Kiss Behind The Door/Paddy Shannon’s”, ’Tis What It Is, Clo Iar-

  • Chonnacht, , ,

  • Ed Trickett, “January Man”, “Gently Down The Stream Of Time”, Gently Down…, Folk-Legacy


  • The Young Tradition, “The Season Round”, The Young Tradition/So Cheerfully Round, Castle Music

  • Margaret Christl & Ian Robb, “The Barley Grain For Me”, The Barley Grain For Me, Folk-Legacy

  • Ashley Hutchings, “Harvest Will Come”, Summer Folk, Talking Elephant

  • Tim Van Eyken, “Barleycorn”, Stiffs Lovers Holymen Thieves, Topic


  • Dana & Susan Robinson, “Pastures Of Plenty”, ’Round My Door, Threshold Music

  • Kate Campbell, “Visions Of Plenty”, The Portable Kate Campbell, Compadre

  • Magpie, “We Belong To The Earth”, Seed On The Prairie, Long Tail Records

  • Peter Ostroushko, “Heart Of The Heartland”, Heart Of The Heartland, Red House


  • Martin Carthy, “Scarborough Fair”, Martin Carthy, Topic

  • Clancy Brothers & Robbie O’Connell, “The Lads Of The Fair”, Older But No Wiser, Vanguard (EU)

  • Piers Haslam, “A Countryman’s Visit To Bartholomew Fair”, Piers Haslam, Independent

  • Bill Staines, “The Roseville Fair”, The Whistle Of The Jay, Folk-Legacy

  • E2K, “He Moved Through The Fair”, If Not Now, Topic


  • Alice Gerrard, “Farewell My Home”, Calling Me Home, Copper Creek

  • John Gorka, “Houses In The Fields”, Jack’s Crows, High Street

  • Ashley Hutchings, “Don’t Clear That Corner Away”, Human Nature, Talking Elephant

  • Peter Ostroushko, “Psalm Of The Prairie”, Minnesota / A History Of The Land, Red House