Songs of Thanks & The Issue of Immigration

10 p.m. to Midnight Host: Steve Winters

A favorite with listeners, this is our annual show for the day after Thanksgiving during which we explore universal themes in line with the Thanksgiving holiday such as offering thanks and love and extending grace. This “Black Friday” program is designed to offer a bit of musical therapy to help deal with a world during these end-of-year holidays that can be increasingly burdensome — and unnecessarily noisy. This year there’s a special focus on immigration, given recent events in the Middle East and the contentious issue it’s become in the race for the White House in 2016.

  • Artist, "Title", Album, Label

  • Debra Cowan, “Marigold/Harvest Home”, Live In WSHU’s Studio A, Paul Litwinovich Recording

  • Castlebay, “We Gather Together”, Going Home, Independent

  • Bob Franke, “Thanksgiving Eve”, The Other Evening In Chicago, Waterbug

  • Jean Ritchie, “Now Is The Cool Of The Day”, None But One, Greenhays


  • Debra Cowan, “The Snow Is On The Ground”, Fond Desire Farewell, Falling Mountain Music

  • Mary Gauthier, “Thanksgiving”, Between Daylight And Dark, Lost Highway

  • James Keelaghan, “House Of Cards”, House Of Cards, Borealis

  • Geoff Bartley, “Mercy For The Dispossessed”, Mercy For The Dispossessed, Magic Crow Records


  • John McCutcheon, “Deportees”, This Land: Woody Guthrie’s America, Appalsongs

  • James Keelaghan, “Refugee”, Timelines, Tranquilla Music

  • Kate Campbell, “Rosa’s Coronas”, The Portable Kate Campbell, Compadre Records


  • Tom Russell, “Manzanar”, Box Of Visions, Philo

  • James Keelaghan, “Kiri’s Piano”, My Skies, Green Linnet

  • Richard Shindell, “Fishing”, Blue Divide, Shanachie

  • John McCutcheon, “Forgotten”, 22 Days, Appalsongs

  • Tom Russell, “Who’s Gonna Build Your Wall?”, Wounded Heart, HighTone Records

  • Brother Sun, “Lady Of The Harbor”, Some Part Of The Truth, Brother Sun Music


  • Finest Kind, “Only Remembered”, Lost In A Song, Fallen Angle

  • Peter Paul & Mary, “Give Yourself To Love”, Discovered: Live In Concert, Warner Brothers/Rhino

  • Pete Morton, “Another Train”, Flying An Unknown Flag, Harbourtown Records

  • Grant Dermody, “Amazing Grace”, Lay Down My Burden, Independent